Friday, February 12, 2010

Air Penny 3


One of the most popular models from the legendary Air Penny line returns in 2010. The Air Penny 3 originally released as a follow-up to the Foamposite One, which was a tough spot to be in. The design stepped it up, and was immediately embraced by the sneaker community who often referred to the shoe as “liquids” because of the wavy foamposite piecing. Utilizing Foamposite material only in part, the upper is also made of white leather. The visible Max Air heel was also iconic and reappears as a major fixture in the 1/2 Cent, a fusion of the Penny line.

Release Date: 4/23/2010

 First released as the follow-up to the Foamposite One in the Penny Hardaway line, this Penny 3 takes some of the best from the Foamposite world: the eggplant color and the rippling Foamposite piecing on the upper. The rest of the upper is white leather, with a black and purple outsole. On the medial side, the leather is perforated to reveal purple lining.

Release Date: 6/18/2010
Color: white/eggplant

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